Intersession at Cal State Fullerton

Intersession, the "winter session" at Cal State Fullerton, is open to Cal State Fullerton students and the public.

This year, there are 2 sessions for you to earn units toward graduation. Students are limited to 4 units for Intersession, unless special permission is granted.

Session Dates Length
Session A December 19 – January 22 5 weeks
Session B January 4 – January 22 3 weeks
Campus Closed:  Friday, December 25 – Sunday, January 3, and Monday, January 18

Please note: In-person classes will not be held on Thursday, December 24. All classes may continue to have online instructional activities during the campus closure.

Important Dates

September 28 Class Schedule and Registration Guide available in TitanOnline
October 19 Registration begins for CSUF students on TitanOnline
  • 10/19: Priority groups and Spring 2016 candidates, until noon
  • 10/19: Seniors can begin registration at noon
  • 10/21: All other CSUF students
November 2 Registration begins at 8 a.m. for non-CSUF students through Open University

Top 5 Reasons
to Take an Intersession Course


Graduate on time (or early)

The earlier you graduate, the earlier you begin your career or graduate school.


Plenty of hard-to-get courses

No more chasing after hard-to-get courses—complete one during Intersession.


Focus on a single class

Give a class your complete attention—a luxury you won’t have during the academic year.


Accelerated format

Earn up to 4 units in 5 weeks—what could you do over the break that would be that productive?


Many courses online

Many courses can be taken from the convenience of your own home.